Pillar 4: Spiritual Wellness

September 19, 2022

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Spiritual wellness doesn’t necessarily mean going to church or being a part of a religion. A spiritual practice is about connecting with experiences and people that leave us feeling deeply nourished. This could be drinking in a beautiful natural landscape, savoring a musical number, creating a meditation practice, or praying.

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Are you just getting started on your spiritual journey?

Here are a few places you can begin exploring. Find a place that feels safe, relaxing, and comfortable where you can sit undisturbed for ten to fifteen minutes. You can bring a notebook and pen or just let your mind wander over the following questions: What does spirituality mean to me?

Think of a time where you felt a sense of expansiveness or a feeling of peace in your heart. What were you doing? Where were you? Who were you with, or were you alone?

Still not sure where to start?

Think of someone you know that you think of as being a spiritual person. Ask them how they decided what direction to begin their spiritual journey.

Find books, blogs, or podcasts about spirituality and listen to a variety of topics. When you find one that resonates with you, lean in and explore deeper.

And remember. This is a journey with no final destination. You can build, develop, and explore spiritual practices for the rest of your life if you so desire!

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