What our patients are saying about AcuWell Integrative Health

“There are quite a few wellness professionals to choose from, but Dr. Cox is the one that got me the best results. Feeling better and my skin is much clearer now which is one of the reasons I went. Thanks!”

— Michael M.

“I started coming to Dr. Cox for bad allergies and migraine headaches. In the short time I’ve gone my allergies are dramatically improved and I’m isolating the cause of my headaches. She is very professional and great to work with. My quality of life has improved dramatically and has been worth every penny. Thanks Dr. Cox!”

— Rachel B.

“I came to Dr. Cox on a month-long visit back home with some pretty bad back pain. I had been to several urgicare and ER doctors who only gave me pain meds, steroids, and muscle relaxers, not ever targeting the problem. Dr. Cox and I had limited time to work with but with twice a week sessions and some excellent nutritional advice, we were able to manage my back pain and improve my mental and physical health. Dr. Cox was incredibly professional and I always felt safe and in control of my sessions, never embarrassed to say if I was uncomfortable. I wish I still lived in the area to see her regularly because even though my back pain is gone, I know we could work together to improve my health even more.”

— Miranda H.

“Dr. Cox is a legend! She’s knowledgeable, fun and caring. And she explained supplements to me in a way that was really easy to understand the benefit. Trustworthy practitioner.”

— Jack B.

“After trying a variety of approaches to treat my migraines and tension headaches to little avail, I have found great success while working with Dr. Cox at AcuWell Integrative Health in Kenosha. Dr. Cox takes great care and time with her patients to adjust her treatment plan for each patient’s visit. Her inclusive, holistic treatment plan has made a staggering difference in my quality of life. Thanks Dr. Cox!”

— Rebecca H.

“I visited AcuWell Integrative Health for the first time recently. My first impression was how easy it was to schedule an appointment. Paperwork was available on line, so I could fill out and bring with me. The facility itself is very clean, calm, and relaxing. I joked with Dr. Cox that I would gladly pay just to relax in her therapy room! Dr. Cox is very professional and takes a holistic approach. Some of the questions seemed odd, but she explained that she wanted a full understanding of my body. She explained every step and move before she did it so that I always felt comfortable and aware. I had visited Dr. Cox for problems related to TMJ and left with a clearer understanding of what was causing my pain, as well practical tips to avoid problems in the future. Best of all, in just 90 minutes with Dr. Cox, my jaw pain went from a 6 to a ZERO!”

— Kara H.

“All I can say is WOW! Dr. Cox blew me away with her knowledge about my condition, helped me with figuring out exactly what was wrong, and got me back on track. You are amazing Dr. Cox! I can’t thank you enough!!!”

— Steven E.

“I went to Dr. Cox for a few months to work through a few different pains I was experiencing – her treatment was powerful and impactful to my life and well being. She makes the experience comfortable and enlightening. If you are or someone you love is looking for help – do not hesitate to reach out!”

— Grace B.