Pillar 2: Mental Wellness

August 25, 2022

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Mental wellness includes caring for our intellectual health. This could be reading a book, learning a new skill, or doing a puzzle. Activities that keep our minds engaged and growing will keep us more engaged and balanced in our lives.

Laughing is, and always will be, the best form of therapy.


When they said laughter is the best medicine, they weren’t joking around. There are many physical and emotional benefits to laughter, including stimulating your heart, lungs, muscles, and brain, giving your immune system a boost, and releasing depression and pain-fighting endorphins.

Benefits of laughing:

  • Reduces heart disease

  • Natural pain killer

  • Improves breathing

  • Helps you lose weight

  • Gives good sleep

  • Decrease stress

  • Makes you look young

  • Boosts relationships

There is no reason not to laugh!

So next time you’re not feeling well, put on a comedy, pick up a funny book or call a friend who is sure to make you chuckle, and laugh your way to better health!

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Live Well. Choose Well. Be Well.

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Laughter is an instant vacation.

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